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Thursday, July 17, 2008 at 04:37PM
Motorsport Services International
Motorsport Services International, MSI, is a full service consulting group that has the world class expertise available to meet all a potential or existing motorsport facility owners needs. From a Country Club Resort to a full on FIA facility we have the knowledge, expertise and experience that is unavailable in any other single consulting group. Building and operating a successful motorsport facility is a complex task, with interaction required between a large range of specialists. We have those specialists who understand those interactions from hands on experience. All of our services and consultants can be engaged on a stand-alone basis, but we would recommend that you allow us to assemble a team specifically selected to meet your unique situation. In 2012 MSI managed the construction of the Mooresville Motorplex, America's best kart facility, and has just completed a feasibility study for the possible acquisition and development of an existing race facility. We have recently completed the construction of the Monticello Motor Club's new kart track and have just completed constructing tracks in Texas and Las Vegas. Check out the SpeedVegas web site, We have just commenced the design of The Apex Motorsports Club Circuit in Phoenix.
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