Each member of our team has been personally selected based on their known and proven expertise in their respective field. It is hard to imagine a more capable group of individuals.

Team Leader

Bob Barnard: Bob has designed, built, owned and operated tracks and promoted world championship events, worked for champion race teams, inspected tracks and provided expert witness testimony on four continents for over 25 years. He has designed and built iconic tracks for both cars and motorcycles and won awards for design and operation. He has been invited to speak at International Forums on track design, and regularly is approached for his services both here in the US and overseas

Country Club/Membership Element

Jack Farr: In 1996, Jack pioneered and implemented the first Motor Sports Country Club concept at his MotorSport Ranch facility near Fort Worth, Texas. Jack has successfully grown that business and continues to innovate with products and services for his members and guests. He has the experience and knowledge to help create other membership driving clubs or to add the membership element to an existing track.


Financial Analysts:

Meet The Crowd, MTC: MTC specialises in providing business and strategic consulting services to existing and would be circuit owners around the globe. Their extensive data base of financial information drawn from solid research of existing facilities and events provides a degree of certainty not available from other sources. MSI is pleased to collaborate with MTC to provide a complete service based on real world experience.

Jonathan Clark MBA: Jonathan was a key contributor to making Oregon Raceway Park a reality.  He developed the business model, drove the funding process, became an investor, and actively serves in management as the Director of Business Development.  Jonathan’s core skills include business modeling, marketing, sales, corporate training, information technologies and operational workflow. Jonathan also has experience developing contracts, master planning, construction/paving, facilities launch, media relations, event management and on-going business development.

  Strategic Planning

Allen Petrich: Allen has a background in Business Management and Administration, with a BA from the University of Puget Sound, with particular experience in developing relations between The Peoples Republic of China, PRC, and the US. Allen’s passion has been in motorsport through involvement with Sports Car Clubs in the NW, and through journalism including Road & Track and Victory Lane, Vintage and Historic News. Allen is a great follower of motorsport history and a strategic thinker for new motorsport ventures, combining his business development knowledge with that of the sport. 

Track Design

Bob Barnard: Bob has been involved with the design and construction of tracks up to and including Formula One and MotoGP. These include the world famous Adelaide Streeet Circuit, Phillip Island and Eastern Creek tracks, the revamp of Road Atlanta and Daytona Infield course, and the new Mooresville Motorplex Kart track. Bob undertakes safety inspections of tracks and provides expert witness testimony.

 Design and Construction Management

The Haskell Company: Haskell is America’s design/build leader working on projects across the US and providing a complete architectural/engineering/construction service. Haskell were responsible for the redevelopment of the Daytona International Speedway infield, a project completed from first discussion to handover in 364 days and which won five State and National awards of excellence. Paul Tyler is the President of the Commercial Division and has access to a full complement of engineers, architects, planners, and construction managers to undertake the most complex of projects from conception to completion.

Asphalt Paving

Brian Prowell P.E.: Brian was a key member of the National Center for Asphalt Technology at Auburn University and subsequently set up his own specialist asphalt consultancy, Advanced Material Services. Brian provides consulting services for the design, testing, and construction of asphalt pavements, warm mix asphalt, racetracks, and other high stress/heavy duty pavements. Brian has been responsible for some of the most complex and demanding paving projects related to tracks, where the requirements for performance are extreme and the cost of failure considerable and very public.

 Facility Management

Xan Barnard: Xan has been around racing and race tracks for over twenty years, with a resume including Ticketing Manager at Laguna Seca Raceway, assisting with race and track organization for the Port Kembla Motorcycle TT in Australia, assisting with the organization of the inaugural Petit le Mans at Road Atlanta, and working with her husband, Bob Barnard, on most of his projects, including two trips to the famed 24 Hour of Le Mans. Xan has a strong organizational ability coupled with a thorough knowledge of racing at all levels.

Jack and Vicki Abbott: This husband and wife team are respected track operators with experience from Roebling Road in Savannah, Virginia International Raceway and Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama.

Jack Abbott:  Jack has most recently been involved with new facility start up including reviewing the layout of the track and paddock areas and the creation and implementation of operational procedures. Jack was responsible for day-to-day supervision of on-track operations, ensuring that track staff and emergency equipment were in place and following proper procedures, and the track and facility ground and maintenance departments. During construction Jack oversaw the procurement, design and placement of tire barriers, and placement of guardrail to FIM/FIA standards. He managed the procurement of track and safety equipment to include fire/rescue trucks, safety fence, guardrail and sweepers, and worked with sanctioning bodies with operational issues.

Vickie Abbott: Vickie has worked with Jack on a new facility start up including reviewing the layout of the facility. Vickie’s knowledge of revenue sources is invaluable during Business Plan reviews, and she has worked with Jack on the development and implementation of operational procedures, negotiated sanctioning agreements and contracts and staff hiring. Vickie worked directly with insurance companies on risk management and insurance needs and created rental materials for testing and club events to include rates, contracts, rules, and maps. As the administrative part of the team Vickie oversaw, assisted and advised a multitude of departments including accounting, human resources, public relations, marketing, promotions, security, emergency services, ticketing, and event staffing. She particularly was responsible for sales management including track rental, hospitality, group tickets, and sponsorship. In her event role Vickie liaised with marquee clubs, race teams, and professional racing sanctioning bodies and sponsors, and hosted and oversaw track sponsored open practices.

Emergency Services

Bill Crouch: Bill is an Australian with a lifetime in motorsport, both as a senior race official at the Formula One Grand Prix in both Adelaide and Melbourne, and as the Track Manager for the world benchmark Phillip Island circuit in Victoria. Bill was the Emergency Chief at the Formula One Grand Prix and the V8Supercar Series, and has traveled the world to work at and learn from other events. His knowledge and experience extends beyond motorsport to overall event management, security and track operations, accreditation systems, traffic planning, development of training and procedural manuals, and liaison with local emergency services. Bill was recognized in 2005 as the Australian Motorsport Official of the Year for his services to the sport.

Gordon Gratiot: Gordon is the Operations Director for IMSA, the series managers for the American Le Mans Sportscar series. Gordon has been involved with race series for over 27 years both on permanent circuits and street events. As Operations Director Gordon is responsible for preparing and over seeing $5M Operations budget, logistics, paddocking, pit lane, maintenance and repair of IMSA’s 5 tractor trailer trucks, 2 Safety Trucks and 2 Porsche Cayenne rapid response vehicles. He supervises 3 department heads with a combined staff of 20. He is responsible for the procurement of all safety equipment, selection and training of staff, track set up and management of the team at the event. During his long career Gordon has been a Team Manager and Director of Operations for the Hawaiian Superprix including track construction and set up. He has develop technical rules for competing vehicles and acted as the Technical Inspector enforcing them, and managed the Firestone Firehawk series. Gordon has conducted circuit inspections on behalf of the insurers and the FIA and consults on circuit design and repair. He is without doubt one of the most experienced race operations professionals in the United States.

Race Operations

Marty Kaufman & James Foyle: These two gentlemen probably have more combined hours than any others in Race Control managing series including IMSA and F1. Their knowledge of how a race should be run is both exacting and complete, and extends to how the track needs to be to go racing. Their input into track facilities, operations and training is invaluable.

Marty has been Chief Steward for SCCA Trans Am Series; Race Director and Steward for International Motor Sports Association, the American Le Man Series and the European Le Mans Series; Deputy Clerk of the Course for the ACO (24 Hours of Le Mans) and currently holds International Race Director and Steward's license from the FIA.

James’ resume is equally impressive and in addition he holds a FIA Superlicense as Clerk of Course, a position he held for the Formula One events at Indianapolis. James also serves as a track reviewer for the SCCA.   

Jan Weaver:  Jan has been a competitor; crew member and Race Event Official since 1970; member of SCCA and the Board of Directors of United States Auto Race Marshals. Jan has undertaken all track and organizer functions and currently serves as marshal training coordinator and manager of Race Control as well as serving as the medical coordinator for professional motorcycle events at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (MotoGP, World Superbikes, AMA)

Series and Circuit Operations

Daniel Poissenot: Daniel is a familiar figure at the start and finish of the Le Mans 24 Hours, and is the Race Director in between. Daniel also works on the Le Mans Series in the same capacity, and the Dakar Rally. Daniel has been the Le Mans Circuit Director and has a resume including the MotoGP and the 24 Hour Motorcycle race at the Le Mans circuit. Until recently Daniel also served as the Director of the Le Mans Circuit.

Pam Gratiot:  Pam has been the Development Series Coordinator for IMSA for the past ten years. As such she has been responsible for managing the pre and post race ceremonies for two support series including all promotional activities at track. As such Pam is required to train and organize 100 people within the sanctioning body, coordinate clothing and vehicle decals, meals, sign in sheets and materials for the IMSA Fan Club. In addition Pam assists with the ALMS Series pre and post race ceremonies.

Medical Operations

Dr. David Vissenga: David started his experience with motorsport in England before moving to Australia and providing that knowledge into the planning and operations of the inaugural Australian Formula One Grand Prix as Chief Medical Officer, a position he has held for 25 years. David had held similar positions for MotoGP Championship Rounds and World Rallying, and has only just retired from the FIA Medical Panel after co-authoring the Medicine in Motorsport publication of the FIA. David’s input into the design and operation of facilities, emergency planning and training will be as good as it gets.  

Race School Operations

Ron Landthorn: Ron is the US Managing Director for Jim Russell Management, Ltd., (JRM) the UK-based holding company for the Jim Russell Racing Drivers School worldwide trademarks. In this position he manages business and marketing relationships with JRRDS licensees in North America and helps develop new licensing opportunities in the rest of the world.  Ron played a key role in negotiating a term sheet with Malaysian principals for a new racing school project in Kuala Lumpur and set up a sales agency relationship with a Japanese firm, establishing Jim Russell Japan. Previously he was CEO and Co-owner of the US Jim Russell organization with major school operations at both Laguna Seca Raceway and later at Sears Point/Infineon Raceway. This involved selling and maintaining key new sponsorship agreements worth over $2M and building relationships with most Automotive Manufacturers in the US – as well as negotiating Sanctioning Agreements, Licensing Agreements and acquisition Term Sheets with major motorsports sponsors and enterprises.

Race Car Preparation and Management

Tony Dowe: Tony is the epitome of the man who has done it all in respect of race car development and management, winning Le Mans and the IMSA Championship with Jaguar. Prior to 1979 Tony worked with a number of racing teams and organizations, including Ensign F1 as mechanic to Clay Regazoni, Brabham F1 as a mechanic to John Watson and Nikki Lauda, and Wolf F1 as #1 mechanic to James Hunt. He went on to run Keke Rosberg for the Newman-Freeman Can-Am Team before moving to Carl Haas as Team Manager for the 1980 Can-Am Championship winning team. After a spell at Chaparral Cars including the responsibility for the 2K at the track, he returned to Carl Haas as General Manager overseeing the business of Lola Cars and Hewland gearboxes in the US. Tony then became Managaing Director for Tom Walkinshaw Racing, TWR, during which time he was Director of the Arrows and Ligier F1 Teams, and the Le Mans winning TWR/Jaguar Team, which achieved an 84% win record. Tony later joined the Panoz Organization as Managing Director of Panoz Motorsports, and then VP of Racing Operations and Technical Director of the Professional Sports Car Racing Association, now IMSA. Tony then took over as Racing Manager for Dick Barbour and from there took a two wheeled direction with the Kenny Roberts Racing Organization. Tony returned to sports cars with Tafel Racing in IMSA as their Team Manager/Technical Director, and has since opened his own company, Aten Motorsports to perform engineering consulting and vehicle preparation, particularly for the Grand-Am Series. Tony will provide input into school operations, vehicle maintenance and development facilities, and advice to would-be racers and team owners.

Manuel Antonio Simᾶo Russo: Manuel is a Mechanical Engineer with a Masters Degree from Portugal who has worked for cross country race teams, “Raids” since 2001. Manuel managed preparation and logistical planning for a race team out of Belgium consisting of nine vehicles that compete in National and World Championship events such as the Dakar Rally.

Team Management and Logistics

 Jean-Marc Bonnay: Jean-Marc brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, from management of road racing teams competing at the very highest level on two and four wheels, to both teams and events involved in off-road “Raids” or desert racing, especially the Paris-Dakar. Jean-Marc is a master of logistics, just completing an around-the-world trial for Mercedes of hydrogen powered fuel cell cars, as well as an accomplished mechanic, writer and coordinator. His involvement started in 1975 as motorcycle GP mechanics and  the Paris-Dakar, and has continued to the current Dakar in South America. Along the way Jean-Marc has managed the Sonauto Yamaha Team from France in both Moto GP and the Dakar, and then joined Citroen for both rallies and raids. A period with Michelin followed organizing their motorcycle grand prix tire service. He continued to work in the motorcycle world with various teams including Yamaha Japan and Team d’Antin in MotoGP, before joining the ORECA organization as coordinator of the Michelin Driving Experience.  In 2002 he joined Mitsubishi Motor Sports as the Deputy Director in charge of all sporting matters, dealing with the FIA, event organizers and Federations for the FIA Cross Country World Cup and the Dakar. During this time he also managed the sporting aspects of Luc Alphand Corvette Team at The Le Mans 24 Hour and LMS championship, before joining the ASO who manage the Silk Way Rally, as Project leader, coordinating the French Group with the Russian Organizers for the 2009 event. In 2010 Jean-Marc was the Safety Investigator for the Dakar HQ ensuring the safety of late competitors. In 2011 he was the Project Leader for the US and Australian legs of the Mercedes Around-the-World Tour. As with all our team members, Jean-Marc is a man of impeccable standards and personal integrity.

Competitor Experience

We have personal contact with a number of past and present drivers and riders that are available to provide input from club level to Formula One and MotoGP. These will be utilized as appropriate.  


RJ Valentine: RJ is not only a professional racer but an owner and operator of top class karting facilities and manufacturer of specialist kart safety systems such as the KISS and Link barrier systems. R J. Valentine has combined his passion for business and auto racing to achieve remarkable success in both fields. As an entrepreneur, he has been responsible for more than 35 years of business growth. As founder and president of The MBA Group of Companies, he has nurtured start-ups and small enterprises by providing strategic vision, marketing innovation, operational expertise and financial acumen that have enabled these businesses to become leaders in their diverse fields. As a race car driver, he has been a major player on the competitive racing scene for four decades, and continues to be a force on the track. In 2009, he won the prestigious Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona in the Grand-Am Series.  

Resort Management

Dan R. Wielhouwer & Henri Ball, Club & Community Corporation: Country Club style resorts are the fastest growing type of facility being built in the US, and now overseas. They cater for high end clients with expensive fast vehicles who expect the best service when not on the track. That sort of service is not usually part of a track owner’s experience, it is a specialist skill to be brought in from Golf and other sports resorts. Club & Community have that experience and knowledge and can help in the design and operation of your resort, membership sales and marketing

Publicity and Promotions

Paul Ryan: Paul is the foremost PR and Publicity person in motorsport in the America today. With a background in journalism Paul has worked for the Panoz Organization and now handles prime accounts such as the Highcroft HPD Prototype team that just finished second at Sebring. Paul has the creativity and capability to develop the whole range of marketing materials including web based and social systems.

Event Management

Tim McGrane: Tim is the Director of the World famous Blackhawk Museum in San Francisco, and has been staging world class events for over twenty years, both here in the US and overseas. His attention to detail and sponsor relationships are second to none. Tim has been involved with a number of the top specialist motor vehicle auction houses, including Barrett-Jackson and R-M, and has managed the Blackhawk Collection in the Bay Area. His knowledge of the quality car market is now equaled by his work in the high-end boat world, and is spreading to other luxury markets. Combined with the experience of others in the team we have no doubt of creating and conducting an outstanding event for clients.

Noise Consulting

Christopher Jean:"Specializing in motorsports noise control, Christopher Jean offers over 30 years of acoustical consulting experience working with various major sanctioning bodies including NHRA, CART, NASCAR, IMSA, SCCA, NASA, CRA, AMA, and other local organizations.  With a huge field measurement database covering everything from go-karts through top-fuel dragsters, a sophisticated computer track modeling program, plus 19 years of personal behind-the-wheel racing experience with SCCA, Christopher Jean can accurately model the noise environment around any racing facility as well as develop practical mitigation options that sanctioning bodies, track operators and competitors can all approve."

Communications and Low Voltage

Questcom: Scott Fenstermacher’s company Questcom is a specialist in low voltage design and installation to carry communications, video, internet, timing and scoring and all other forms of communications. Scott’s company won a coveted ABC award for his work at the Daytona Speedway Infield Redevelopment and has worked on a number of race facilities with ISC.

Roberto Grilli: Roberto is the F1 Systems Manager for Valeri Maioli, who provide systems for Race Control and lighting. Roberto works out of Singapore for much of the year overseeing the installation of the world first lighting system for Formula One night racing. The Company also develops and supplies systems including television and radio for Race Control and Teams such as Ferrari, interview areas, track marshalling light systems, and various other communication and control systems around the track.

Jordi Delgado-Gonzalez: Software Consultant specialized in racing and club systems. Expertise in integration of systems such as marshaling, race control and club membership software in all around solutions. Jordi has worked with AlKamel who produced components of such systems, but now has his own company focussing on developing integrated systems to allow for minimal staffing for non-race situations.


Don Bell Signs: Don Bell has the in-house capability to design, manufacture and install facility and sponsor signage, electronic scoring towers and video boards. Don Bell work with both ISC and SMI to provide these services to most NASCAR tracks and their work can be seen at Daytona where the scoring towers are 150 feet in height and feature 3 feet high LED numbers and rotating advertising signage, and recently at Michigan’s scoring towers. They can advise and produce code compliant signage, and develop specific facility imagery to brand your track.   


Jon’s company designs, produces and sells it own merchandise and is perfectly placed to advise track owners on their selection and operation, as well as provide a complete on-site service.


Chet Burks: Chet owns and operates a television production company and has provided coverage of major races such as the Petit Le Mans as well as AMA Superbike Series events. Chet’s experience will assist in setting up circuits and planning for events, as well as advising on negotiating television coverage of events.