Feasibility: Economic evaluation of a proposed facility including site development costs, operating costs and revenue potential.

Site Selection: Identify possible sites and evaluate the economic, environmental and operational suitability for a motorsport facility. This would include negotiation of site purchase.

Master Planning: Overall site plan development for the facility and its potential for ancillary uses, access, spectator and competitor facilities.

Business Plan: Develop business plans for new facilities or expansion/renovation of existing ones.

Finance: Advise on the best method of sourcing funds for the project and assist in that procurement.

Permitting: With the combined knowledge of our team we can guide the project through the permit process to avoid potential delays and costly problems once operational.

Design: We are able to provide recognized world class track designers with the ability to lay out a challenging and safe course that will be a marketing tool for the facility. We can call upon the advice and input from designers, and architects and engineers with award winning designs, and past and present racers and operators to ensure a first class result. Our team will when required submit all the documentation necessary for appropriate licensing and certification.

Communications, CCTV and Light Systems: Design and installation of low voltage systems for communications, video, CCTV, track management lighting, internet and timing.

Construction:  Provide drawings and specifications for the construction of the facility, including on-site supervision to ensure the quality of the final product.

Paving: Specialist paving design and specification, supervision and quality control.

Operation:  Develop the operating procedures, emergency planning, staffing levels and training for the safe and efficient operation of the facility. Advise on the establishment of a race school or driving experience, and the provision of race and collector vehicle maintenance and team organization.

Race Series: Provide input into the development of new or existing series, including vehicle specifications and operational personnel from race and series direction through scrutineering and event management and promotion.

Race Operations & Marshalling: Provide training for marshals and other track workers on the correct and safe management of the course; provide senior officials for events as required.

Noise Measurement and Abatement: Establishment of baseline noise for new tracks and projections of likely sound levels and measures to contain them, and assessment of existing facilities and methods to reduce them. 

Risk Management: Evaluation of the appropriate risk coverage for a facility, both on a day-to-day basis and for special events, and examination of existing facilities with recommendations for removing or reducing the risk levels.

Kart Facilities: Specialist kart facility design and operating procedures and systems, equipment procurement and staffing levels. 

Track Lighting:  Design of appropriate lighting for the facility and type of event.

Track Signage and Scoreboards: Design and production of facility specific and code compliant signage systems, sponsor signage and electronic scoring towers.

Track Maintenance: Provide standards for maintenance of existing facilities and training of staff, up to and including the contract management of a facility.

Event Management: Recommend and plan suitable events for the facility, manage and provide marketing opportunities. Organize on site as required.

Resort Management:  Specialist design and operation planning and execution for high end Country Club food and beverage services.

Public Catering: Design and operational services for providing food and beverage services to the general public.

Merchandise: Sourcing and establishing onsite merchandise sales, pricing, outlet design and staffing. 

Ticketing and Credentials: Ticketing and credentialing systems design and execution.

Publicity and Promotions: Develop programs for cost effectively promoting the facility through the media, recruit and train staff as required.

Operational Review: We can assemble a team to examine a facility, whether as part of a due-diligence pre-purchase, or as an efficiency review of an existing operation to recommend changes to enhance economic performance.

Safety Review and Inspection: We are able to undertake detailed safety inspections and reviews of existing facilities and either certify their suitability for certain types of user, or provide recommendations for necessary changes.

Expert Witness Testimony: Provide reviews of motorsport incidents and expert witness opinion and testimony.

Systems: Recommend systems for club membership, accounting, HR, and operations.

 Staffing: Through our wide contacts in the sport we are able to locate and recommend potential employees for your facility.

Television Production: Provide consulting advice and staff as required for television coverage of events.